All-Star Survivor: Hawaii

A fictional serial novel, by Mario Lanza

16 of the best Survivor players of all time, stranded on the forbidden Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau. They will be forced to live together, to form a new society, and to play the ultimate survival game. After 39 days, one of them will walk away with one million dollars, and the title of the ultimate Survivor.

This is their adventure.

This is their story.

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Episode #1: Return of the King

Episode #2: Down the Hatch

Episode #3: Here There Be Traitors

Episode #4: Aloha Means Goodbye

Episode #5: Take Two

Episode #6: One Final Sacrifice

Episode #7: Welcome to Shark Beach

Episode #8: Spy Games

Episode #9: A Cold-Blooded Assassin

Episode #10: The Spoiler

Episode #11: Checkmate!

Episode #12: The Last Supper

Episode #13a: The Best of the Best (part 1)

Episode #13b: The Best of the Best (part 2)

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