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#112. Robb votes for Shii Ann
Thailand - Episode 5

Robb Zbacnik was the king of unintentional humor.

Oh, he wasn't always trying to be funny. But for whatever reason the Sook Jai skater boy never failed to crack me up. You see, Robb was so good at saying something inappropriate, or putting his foot in his mouth when he spoke, that he ended up making people laugh almost by accident. And that's why he was so good at being funny when he really hadn't been trying to.

Robb versus the Shii Devil. Round 1.

One of Robb's most memorable moments from Thailand was the vote he cast for Shii Ann at the end of episode five. You see, he had been feuding with the Shii Devil for most of her time on Sook Jai, and the two them of plain and simple just didn't get along. So Robb was more than happy to cast a vote for her at Tribal Council on night 15. He walked up to the podium, he wrote down her name, and he spoke his reasons aloud. And the resulting quote will go down in Survivor history.

"Sorry girl, you get on my nerves and I don't like being around you. Nothing personal."

This was always one of my favorite quotes from Thailand and nobody but Robb Zbacnik could have said it. Um, isn't that the definition of personal, Robb? How about you just punch her in the face too? Anyway, this was just a total Robb moment all around and was certainly appropriate for a guy who brought a skateboard to Thailand as his luxury item.

That's right, he's the guy who brought a skateboard to the beach.

"No doubt, bro. I love bananas. For sure."

This is far from the last time that Robb will appear on the funniest moments list. In fact, we'll be seeing him again real soon.

(P.S. I call Robb "The king of unintentional humor" but in fact I can think of four other Survivors who could possibly challenge him for the title. They are Heidi Strobel, Judd Sergeant, Matthew von Ertfelda and Chris Daugherty. They will all be well-represented on this list, but for my money I still think Robb is the funniest. Nothing personal.)

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