The Funny 115

#115. Colby's Ridiculous Hat
Australia - Episodes 8-12

This is one of my all-time favorite moments and there was no way I was going to cut it. Because in the 8th episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Colby all of a sudden has a giant fur-lined hat. He just shows up with it one morning while sleeping and no explanation is given. We've never seen it before, and we don't see it again for a few episodes, but there it is, perched atop Colby Donaldson's head. Colby all of a sudden has a giant big-ass bombardier hat.

Where did he get it? Did he have it all along? And why did we never see it before? This has always intrigued me, because you can't just drop a giant hat on a guy eight episodes into the season and not explain it. There should have been a confessional about it, or a snide comment, or something. I mean, it's simple editing 101. You can't introduce a character like the giant hat without giving some sort of back story about it! Did Colby kill an Eskimo to get it? Is he really a Russian Cossack? Are giant fur-lined hats standard winter attire in Christoval, Texas? What was the story behind that frigging hat??

Like I said, Colby's hat shows up in episode eight, then it disappears again. But the best part comes a few episodes later, during the Rodger boot episode, when Colby actually wears the big ass hat to Tribal Council! Check it out!

The big-ass hat even makes a featured appearance when Colby casts his vote!

Like I said, this was always one of my favorite unexplained Survivor moments and that vote for Rodger was the last time we ever saw the hat again. I expected Jeff to ask about it during the reunion show but sadly the audience was left hanging once more. Pity.

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