"Mario asked me to write a testimonial for the Funny 115."
 - Stephen Fishbach, Survivor: Tocantins 

"Written by one of the most astute students of the show, Mario shows no mercy when he skewers Survivors with his sharp wit and spares no bad jokes when he mocks some of these pretentious reality "stars" with his twisted humor. If you are a Survivor Fan, this is a must read site. If you are a Survivor, this site is where you get your "reality" checked."
-Yau-Man Chan, Survivor: Fiji

"Being in the top 5 on the Funny 115 (version one AND two) is the best gift I could have ever received in my life. Well, aside from maybe a stick with a face on it wrapped up in a napkin. Thank you Mario, for being much better at this than Jason Siska."
-Eliza Orlins, Survivor: Vanuatu and Fans vs Favorites

"I gotta tell you that the article I just read from the Funny 115 had me laughing for 30 minutes.  Man I cant believe I had never heard of this before!!!!  Mario, you, my good man, are the man. Much love!!!!"
-Coach Benjamin Wade, Survivor: Tocantins and Heroes vs Villains

"Mario's funny 115 is creative, good natured entertainment. In my opinion this is what reality TV is all about. Don't get me wrong, THE GAME is great but there is so much more to Survivor than just THE GAME and the funny 115 sheds light on the comedic side of our show. And make no mistake Survivor is as much a TV show as it is a competition whether some of us admit it or not. Sure we past Survivors get roasted in these posts but it's all in good fun. Other Survivor websites should take notes from Mario on how to roast us with out disrespecting us. Good job Mario!"
-Billy Garcia, Survivor: Cook Islands

"A mere mortal may have stopped with a Funny 113 or even a Funny 114, but not Mario Lanza. However, it pains me for the 116th funniest thing that ever happened on Survivor since it's the funniest thing never to make this list."
-Rob Cesternino, Survivor: Amazon

"Hi, I'm Shane. Mario did good with the 115."
-Shane Powers, Survivor: Exile Island

"Last time I checked the Funny 115 I was deepthroating Cirie's fingers and being called a tard over and over again. Truly comedic genius. But the Funny 115 is funny."
-Erik Reichenbach, Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites 

"I think Mario needs to get a life. This countdown must take up a God awful lot of his time which makes me very sorry for his family... unless they all come with valves. Some may call it a passion.....but as a former Survivor, it just all feels kinda creepy.  However, that being said, I love the Funny 115 because it is a hoot and a half. How he took something so scary as the Joel/Chet challenge and made it so funny in a writeup is amazing to me."
-Kathy Sleckman, Survivor: Fans vs Favorites

"OK, Mario wants a quote? Tell him..........  FUCK OFF!"
-Randy Bailey, Survivor: Gabon