The Funny 115 - The Third One
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"The Funny 115 is the best thing on the internet."

-Tim Marchman

"In all perusing of the internet, in search of truth (or ones own mortality) I have never, and let me say again never laughed so hard as when I read the funny115. And to see glorious after glorious installment of mine and other antics, my only negative is this...when the hell are you going to post another one?! Poignant, ringing of truth at every turn, brilliant, observant and funny as hell!!!!"

-Benjamin "Coach" Wade
Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains and South Pacific
“Did you ever see this blog Funny 115 or something like that? It’s where he analyzed how unfair my season was?” Why yes, I said, not only had I read it but I had talked to the guy. “That’s great,” Culpepper said. “That guy got it.”

-The Tampa Bay Times (5/10/17)
"The Brad Culpepper Funny115 article is the greatest Survivor article ever written."

-@groey on Twitter
"The Funny 115 is a must-read for any Survivor superfan. I can remember first discovering it many years ago and feeling like I blundered into a goldmine. There's so much high-quality content there it's astounding. And it's great food for thought for anyone going back to watch or rewatch older seasons that don't get talked about as much elsewhere."

-Vacalicious on Reddit
"Mario's dedication is so fantastic. He's basically the one man band who helps to stop the tide of CBS/casual propaganda from completely dominating Survivor discussion, and I totally respect for that. I'm a lapsed old school Survivor fan myself, and my apathy towards modern seasons really bums me out, but then I have people like Mario who can point out the positive stuff."

-JacobBlah on Reddit
"I love how Mario does this with his entries where he puts in these jokes and captions to photos that only true fans would understand. It makes me laugh so much because it's so subtle yet it puts the joke over the edge and makes almost every entry hysterical (For example, in v3, recurring captions of photos of Jeff telling people to make big moves) and truly captures great comedy and value for the best moments in the show's history."

-CSteino on Reddit
"Mario's dedication to the Survivor community is insane. He's basically been part of the online Survivor world since day 1 and even if he says he doesn't like the show as much, he's still putting out some of the best stuff out of anyone. He created the Funny 115 AND Survivor Historians which are two things that have made my personaly Survivor fandom that much more special."

-IanicRR on Reddit

"Whenever I need a pick me up, i go to the funny115 version 3 and read "Why doesn't Jenn care?" and I die of laughter every single time."

-Kelleykitty12 on Reddit

"I've only been reading F115 for about a week, but I'm almost done. I seriously can't stop."

-Shannon Wiseman

" some real funny ass shit!! Well played @MarioJLanza!!"

-Marty Piombo
Survivor: Nicaragua
"I've been reading Mario's work since 2005 or so. I think it's pretty much the literary equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome by this point."

-Michael Cermak

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-Google AdSense Feedback

"If you're a fan of the old or new seasons of Survivor, there's a list for that. If you're a fan of watching spectacular falls from grace, there's a list for that. If you're a fan of unique and wierd little character traits, there's a list for that. If you're a fan of gravediggers from Louisiana, bad damn liars, A.D.D. psycho boys, ATTACK ZONES, bandy-legged little trolls, dumbass ice cream scoopers, people who claim islands without jurisdiction, goat farmers who love ham, or sassy moms who don't ever give a damn, there's a list for all that, too. It's called The Funny 115, and its creator, Mario Lanza, has went to incredible lengths to show newcomers to the show, as well as the hardcore Survivor fans and even Survivor castaways alike, that even though the game is a serious game full of cutthroat, cold-hearted individuals clawing their way to the million dollar prize, there's still plenty of light-hearted moments within the little cracks between the strategy talks and the big moves that'll make even the toughest of us all laugh."

-Kenyon Bollinger
"Survivor moves fast sometimes. So there are moments that are hilarious but it's fleeting because other things happen. Mario is able to isolate a moment and make it last 10 minutes or so (depending on your reading speed. Mine is slower because I laugh so much). A good example is Tyson smashing the ceramic pigs. I go back and read that entry when I'm depressed. It makes me laugh every time.

There are entries that were big moments but seeing them written out and knowing that I wasn't the only one who found it hysterical when they aired makes me feel good."

-trickto on Reddit

"Hi Mario, wanted to send you a quick note - I've always loved Brad Culpepper and voted for him for Second Chances. He always struck me as such a nice, upstanding guy, who was a great sport. I'm so glad you spent so much effort to clear his name! Kudos on your great work."

-Sonia Siganporia
"The funny115 is the most woke thing on the internet."

-Sophie Clarke
Winner, Survivor: South Pacific
"I started reading your “The Funny 115” series, and it is totally busting me up.  It is one of the best things ever.  Thank you!"

-Jo Ginsberg
"Thank you for that brad culpepper entry, mario. i've always been a brad fan, but bvw ultimately left me uninspired, and so i've never felt compelled to revisit it. i legitimately teared up at the end lol <3 i love the culpeppers even more than i did already. it honestly even elevates monica as a character, because knowing that she's not actually delusional about her husband makes her storyline fucking heartbreaking."

-whattt on Survivor Sucks
"I just wanted to comment and praise Funny 115 v3. I don't have any deep analysis or insight, but it's really well written, really funny, and really good. I appreciate that you praise the criminally underrated Worlds Apart and its brilliant cast."

-Captain Merica on Survivor Sucks
"According to Aristotle humour is essentially a feeling of superiority and derives from encountering those who are more inferior or ugly than ourselves. So if you want a good laugh read the funny115."

-Joshua Muir
"Mario and I find the same sick shit funny so the Funny 115 always cracks me up. We're on the same fucked up frequency."

-KorgDTR2000 on Reddit

"I have been a Survivor fanatic from Season 1; I obsessively read everything I can find on the internet.  Your articles, book, and Funny 115 just nail it.  Thanks again for making the internet and social media brighter and lighter. It is definitely needed these days."

-Leann Lindsley
"I discovered the Funny 115 days ago. Why haven't I seen this earlier? God bless @MarioJLanza for being a Bill Simmons fan + for doing this."

-@_StanSy on Twitter
"You don't have to search all that hard for online lists these days, but while most writers just toss a cursory handful of jokes at an even more cursory handful of easy topics, Mario Lanza takes the pop culture list to its glorious (and some would argue, certifiably insane), extreme. The Funny 115, now in its third iteration, is an obsessive, insightful and completely hilarious look at Survivor, from it's most noteworthy laughs all the way down to obscure stuff that most would miss on their first through fortieth viewings of the show. If you're a fan of Survivor, you need the Funny 115. If you've fallen out with the show over the years and want to mock what it's become, you need the Funny 115. If you hate Survivor, you need the Funny 115. If you've just woken up from a 20 year coma and have no idea what Survivor, or a tweet, or a Kardashian is, you need the Funny 115. It's just that funny."

-Matt Carter
author of Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel
"I am a big big fan of the Funny115, and I would like to thank you for all your tireless work over the years and all the laffs. I loved Survivor for the first 10 or so seasons it was on the air, and then I think it stopped being broadcast (I'm from Australia; I think Palau was the last season I watched), and that was it for my Survivor love until I stumbled across the Funny115 about a year and a half ago and I was re-hooked. I bought and read 'When It Was Worth Playing For' and LOVED it. A sincere sincere thanks for all your great work.

In any event, as you are a sports fan, I'm sure you are at least vaguely aware of the existence of a terrific website called Deadspin. If you were not already aware, I thought you'd be pleased to know that the editor of said website is a massive Survivor fan, and, more importantly, a Funny115 fan, as I found out during a staff Q&A last week. In any event, I just wanted to pass on that you have fans all over the place, from Australia to a website that specialises in publishing tasteful photos of genitalia."

-Ben Tippett
"In a world where Big Moves are dead serious, one man dares to laugh at the stupid shit. His name is Mario Lanza, and he's about to become slightly internet famous by making fun of people more successful than him. He's got over a decade of television to watch obsessively and write about, and he has no signs of slowing down."

-Joe Jennings

"I love the Brad Culpepper intros so much. They function very similar to the cold opens in The Office or other sitcoms. Kind of like a little mini-entry before the real one."

-larrymcg421 on Reddit

"If you love Survivor, subtle humour and dick jokes, then the Funny 115 is perfect for you!"

-Jordan Beck

"The best that I can say about the Funny 115 is that it is a smasher, not a meatball."

-Matthew Schilling

"I don't know whether I want to punch you in the face or give you a hug bro lmao!!!

You are hilarious.  If you have any other ones send them over.  I was dying!!!!"

-Rodney Lavoie Jr.
Survivor: Worlds Apart
"Some entries are even funnier than Colby's hat!"

-Dennis Prince Scholtze
"Every entry of the funny 115 which looks like a long read, I sometimes think "man do I really wanna read all this..." I start reading and EVERY TIME without fail theres a point I get to which makes me think "what was I even thinking, OF COURSE I want to read it all, it's gold." It's like I seem to temporarily forget how brilliant Mario Lanza is."

-PatrickWain on Reddit
"Every meaty entry on this countdown is delicious to the taste and very desirable."

-Adrian John Dias
"Reading the funny 115 is probably my number 30 passion in life."

-Adam J. Patterson
"The Funny 115 has been a very welcome distraction in my life during the hard times and has entertained me for years. I remember reading the original one as you posted it to myspace I think? God that feels like so long ago. Keep up the good work!"

-Maniacboy888 on Reddit
"I know a f115 entry is good when i have to worry about my office mates hearing me chortle."

-Tony Blanco
"Finally getting caught up on version three and I cried laughing at the Thank You Brad Culpepper article. Actual tears came out of my face. I always liked Brad but that article still opened up my eyes to how awesome he is as a Survivor character. Absolutely brilliant writing, Mario."

-Dylan Turner
"I recently discovered Funny115 and have now wasted (really was it wasted though) several days pouring through the entries.  I LOVE IT; I don't think I've ever laughed out loud so much."

-Patricia Saunders
"In one of those pictures, Probster made exactly the type of face you'd normally see in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. It's the type of face Sweetie Belle made when Rarity didn't want to go camping with her. A perfect frowny arc."

-DoesANameExist on Reddit
"Not even Trish Hegarty has the capacity to hate the Funny 115."

-Jordan Kalish
"Mario Lanza isn’t a Survivor, but he’s a figure in the community. He tweeted nothing about Zeke."

-EmAndScoutinBK, "Why I Won’t Forgive – And Why You Shouldn’t Either" (The Purple Rock Survivor Podcast)

"Reading V3 of the Funny 115 is more satisfying than monkey sex."

-Christine Radice

"I mean, what the hell else are you gonna do at work?"

-Spencer Wilson