All-Star Survivor: Alaska

The Reunion Show

(Pre-show, before the final vote:)

JEFF: (flanked on both arms by Kathy and Colleen) Welcome back, to Survivor All-Stars! We’re here live from L.A., where in just a few moments we’ll find out our new All-Star winner. So ladies, who’s the ultimate Survivor?


JEFF: No, this time.

KATHY: Helen!

COLLEEN: Paschal!

(Both Kathy and Colleen mock-strangle one another)

JEFF: Stay tuned


(The reunion show begins, just after commercial break. Helen Glover has just been announced as the winner of All-Star Survivor: Alaska.)

JEFF: Welcome back. After 39 grueling days in the harsh weather conditions of Alaska, Survivor has crowned its new All-Star winner. Helen Glover is the ultimate champion. Paschal English, the runner-up. And rounding out the final four - Greg Buis and Tom Buchanan. Great job guys, you've all earned it. You should be extremely proud of yourself. (to audience) Let's give a round of applause to a truly great group of people.

(Large applause of yelling from the entire studio audience)

JEFF: All right, we've got only got an hour, and that is going to fly by, and I'm sure there's tons of questions people in our audience and at home want to know. Namely, how Helen came from behind, facing unbelievable obstacles- an alliance of some of the most likeable people ever, a guaranteed sixth place finish, and the topper -going head-to-head with the player everyone thought was unbeatable. And what about Greg? One of the most devious players ever -sets up Helen to take the fall and help him go to the top, only succeeds in helping her win! And the event everyone was talking about - the Jerri/Kelly feud? We're going to take a closer look at that too. I think we're going to have a lot of fun and learn a lot, well, a lot more about our contestants. So, let's kick it off Survivor style.

(More applause from the audience, and group hugs from the sixteen contestants. Survivor: Alaska logo blazes across screen.)

ANNOUNCER: Survivor: Alaska -the Reunion, sponsored in part by Reebok -"it's a woman's world." Snickers -"Don't let hunger happen to you." And by Amstel

JEFF: Welcome back. Let's get things started. (He grins) Helen, how're you doing?

HELEN: (Shaking her head, her hands shake, and her voice is trembling -Paschal has his arm around her) Um, whoo ...good. Definitely good.

JEFF: In shock?

HELEN: Definitely in shock. (All the others laugh) I did not think I could do this. Absolutely not.


HELEN: No, sir. I ...ah (voice still quivers) I had a few months sitting on this. I truly thought Paschal won. I made my peace with that. There was never a doubt in my mind that Paschal would not win. It's a surprise.

PASCHAL: A nice surprise, huh?

HELEN: (turning to Paschal) Oh, Paschal, I'm sorry.

PASCHAL: Don't be sorry. You earned it. (continues to pat her on the back)

JEFF: Well, Paschal, that's a question. Are you surprised? I mean, I think to everyone out there you were the odds-on favorite to win this if you made it this far. (Counting on his fingers) You never lied, you never had anyone mad at you, you played with integrity, and you won four immunity challenges!

PASCHAL: (laughing) and I'm twice as old as everyone out there.

JEFF: Well, yeah. Looking at it, you lost to the woman who essentially backstabbed your whole tribe, and in the end they reward her and punish you. That's gotta hurt?

PASCHAL: (grinning and shakes head) Jeff, in all seriousness, Helen is a wonderful, wonderful woman, and just a really fierce competitor. I think its fair to say she did what she did to, um, make it farther in the game. Which is the point. Now, she never lied, she never cheated, she never played unfairly, and ...she worked her butt off out there. So, I can't fault her there one bit. (squeezes her hand) Doesn't mean I wish I didn't win, though. (players laugh)

HELEN: Thank you, Paschal. (she is still very teary eyed) Jeff, this is one of the most amazing men I have ever met, and I feel very guilty about taking this. In the end, we saw he could have gone either way, and he brought me into the finals. I didn't want to do it. You all saw that. But he did. He didn't have to do that, but I thank him from the bottom of my heart. (she hugs Paschal again)

JEFF: Which brings us to Greg. (The audience applauds, some boo and hiss. Greg leans back in his chair and grins. He wears a zipped up black sweat shirt that reveals a yellow Survivor tee-shirt underneath)

JEFF: Greg, I think it's safe to say, you were our resident villain this season. Is that a fair assessment?

GREG: Fair assessment? Hmmm, call it what you want. I think I was playing a game, and it's just how one's perceived. I wasn't out to kill anyone. It's a game, Matey.

JEFF: Yes, but your game single-handedly caused your own tribe to beeliminated.

GREG: Did it?

JEFF: A little bit. Fair to say that your plan pretty much blew up in your face? (Jerri laughs)

GREG: (plays with the scruff on his chin) What can I say? I didn't win, Jeff. But, Hey! Helen won. Helen! Underdog Helen! Isn't that great? Isn't that fantastic? All hail, Helen the spleen. Woo-hoo! (Helen and Paschal laugh)

HELEN: Thank you, Greg. I'm a spleen. I don't even know what that means.

JEFF: Yeah, but Greg, did you really think you could win by continually playing both sides through the whole game? And to top it off, Helen, he used you every step of the way. There must be some satisfaction in knowing that you ultimately beat him at his own game.

HELEN: There's tremendous satisfaction. There's satisfaction in beating all of them. That's the point. I was upset with Greg. But, he was trying to win. He was just more "creative" about it. It hurt at the time, but I got over it.

JEFF: A million dollars doesn't hurt either, right?

HELEN: (smiling) True.

JERRI: (cackling in the back row) Yeah!

JEFF: Well, what about you, Paschal? You and Greg had one of the closest relationships out there. How bad did it hurt when you found out he was stabbing you, and basically your whole tribe, in the back?

GREG: (smirking) I take offense to that, Jeffrey.

PASCHAL: (patting Greg on his knee) I know this is what everybody's waiting for. What am I going to say about Greg? Well, I will tell you this -Greg is one of the sharpest young men I have met in some time. I believe he could do pretty much whatever he sets his mind to. His potential is outstanding. And I am proud to call him my friend. (Jeff sets his jaw) But, I will tell you this - if Greg were my son, and I saw him play the game the way he did, well, I would give him the biggest spanking of his life! (He throws his arm around Greg and rattles his head)

GREG: And I deserve it.

TOM: I'll hold 'im down fer ya!

JEFF: Tammy, this past week since your boot, all you’ve talked about is Greg. Anything else you want to add.

TAMMY: (sitting directly behind Big Tom and Greg) Oh, I wanted to kill him! I still do. (she chuckles) I’m serious. Greg, watch your back. You know, I came out there to play the game again. And I was really ready. I worked my ass off out there. And it was hard. And to be done in by this little twerp, it really got me. I still want to win. You know, I was pissed off the last time, but that was nothing. To come so far, and to come up short only makes it that much harder. (she smirks) It sucks. It absolutely sucks. But, Jeff can I just say one thing?

JEFF: Of course, the floor is yours.

TAMMY: How awesome is it that Helen won? Hey, Helen, if it wasn’t me, than I’m really happy it’s you. Honestly. Great job. (she and the audience applaud Helen) This makes up for it. Paschal, love you. I do. But, seeing Helen pull this out –I didn’t think it would happen –it just really makes me proud. She is one tough woman.

JEFF: That brings us to an interesting question. Who voted for Helen? We saw Greg’s vote. Silas, you voted Helen, right?

SILAS: I did, Jeff.

JEFF: Tammy, it was a given that you stuck with Helen to the end.

TAMMY: She deserved it.

JEFF: Who was the fourth? Kelly, I believe. Right?

KELLY W: (she bites her lip, smirks and nods) Yes, I did.

(Helen turns around to face Kelly seated behind her)

JEFF: And why did you go with Helen over Paschal?

KELLY W: I don’t know. (she chuckles to herself) I’ve asked myself that over the past months. Um, in the end, it was the right thing to do, I guess. I don’t know. Paschal’s great, that’s a given. But had to go with Helen in the end, she earned it.

JEFF: And who voted for Paschal?

(Elisabeth’s hand pops up. Gina points to herself)

JEFF: Elisabeth. Gina. Those were easy right?

ELISABETH: I couldn’t not vote for Pappy. He is such a good man. And I would be lying to myself if I did not give that man my respect.

GINA: I felt he earned it, Jeff.

JEFF: And it’s fair to say you weren’t going to vote for Helen.

GINA: Well...

JEFF: It’s all right. There’s plenty of time, and we will definitely address that. Big Tom, you were the third vote?

TOM: Absolutely. One hundred percent. I’d given my word, and wasn’t going back. I love that man too. (He reaches across Greg and grabs Paschal’s hand)

SILAS: Jeff, I want to add that I voted for Helen. I think she is a tremendously strong woman, and sitting there in all the tribal councils, I observed such a strong resolve that I’ve never seen before. Jeff, the woman is steel. I think she was the best player in this game bar none. I had to give her my vote.

JEFF: Right. Silas, about the jury. You were the its first member. Was that tough for you?

SILAS: Awwww, it was so tough, Jeff. So tough. I mean, I’m a competitor and to have to sit on the sidelines watching while this awesome game is unfolding. It was harsh. But, I got to be part of that final makeup. That final factor that determined who would win. You can’t beat it. But watching what happen right after I left, man, I felt I could have won it if I stayed.

(Kelly Goldsmith rolls her eyes in the back row)

JEFF: Again, bringing us to further questions. Questions about strategy. When we return, we are going to delve into the minds of the fifteen players who didn’t win, and find out went wrong. Rudy, doing all right?

RUDY: I’m waitin’.

JEFF: Sit tight. We’ll be right back.


(Returning from commercial break. Audience continue to cheer. Clips of Helen jumping out of her seat upon hearing she is the winner)

JEFF: Thank you for joining us. We all know Helen Glover is the Alaskan Survivor Champion. What about the others? Why did this work for Helen, but no one else? What did she do right, or more importantly, what did everyone else do wrong? (He smiles and looks up at the entire group) Anyone want to fess up first?

(Kelly Goldsmith’s hand shoots up)

KELLY G: I’ll take that.

JEFF: Kelly, yes?

KELLY G: I’m the first to admit everything went wrong.

JEFF: Everything?

KELLY G: Yeah, it was such a bummer. I thought I’d come in so clear this time. I was being so careful, and that didn’t even work. (throwing her hands up) You know, I just give up at this game. I wash my hands of it, I’m done. There’s got to be a more, I don’t know, (rolls her eyes) healthier outlet. Everything I did just didn’t work. Everything.

JEFF: Namely setting Jerri up. (Jerri laughs)

KELLY G: Yeah, I know, I couldn’t even do that right. That’s supposed to be a gimme, right? Everyone hates Jer. But nooo. They kept her, I couldn’t believe it. (Jerri and she exchange a laugh)

JEFF: Essentially, you two had to turn on one another relatively early in the game.

KELLY G: There was no one else. We were so cooked out there. And yeah, afterwards it was a little tense between Jerri and myself after we were both voted off –big surprise- and I’m the first to admit that once I was (quoting with her fingers) “eliminated” from the game, I found myself thinking, “vote Jerri off, please vote Jerri off.”

JERRI : Aww, thanks, Kel.

KELLY G: You know, I was mad. But I don’t know, um, kudos to Jerri for pulling the wool over my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I mean I’m glad she lost too. My ego could not possible sustain itself if she made it –God forbid win.

JERRI: (cracking up, she reaches over Jeff Varner and clasps Kelly’s hand) I love you too, Kelly.

VARNER: (who’s been holding his tongue for quite some time) Jeff, I just want to say that I had to live with these two women for way too long out there. And they just don’t ever shut up. It drives you crazy. (Kelly Goldsmith and Jerri laugh out loud) You’d think once they were out of the game, they could relax, but Jesus Christ, they just kept on talking and talking and talking –“you should have done this, you should have done that” day and night, day and night. I just wanted to smack ‘em both.

JEFF: Varner, what happened to you out there?

VARNER: In the game? (grimaces) Nothing. You saw that. Well, no, that’s not true. Brian Heidik happened to me. Brian Heidik. (Brian looks over and at Varner and shrugs) That guy over there, Survivor winner himself, did me in.

BRIAN: I tried.

VARNER: (chuckling) I knew, Jeff, I knew from the beginning when you split us by sex, and when I saw Brian in the game, that this just wasn’t going to work. Instantly.

JEFF: Why?

VARNER: (rubbing his mouth) I think, no, I know, because we play a very similar game, and we both had each other’s number from the beginning. With us, together, it was one too many chiefs.

JEFF: Brian, would you agree?

BRIAN: I don’t know.

(Jeff waits for Brian to elaborate, but he doesn’t)

JEFF: Let’s bring up Red Rover.

GINA: Yes, let's.

TOM: By all means.

JEFF: A new aspect to the game. I think it’s fair to say, it threw most of you for a loop. How bad did this ruin some of your plans?

KELLY G: (hand shoots up) Um, Jeff, that would be me again. It killed me in the end. Mostly, because the guys took Tammy right away and I lost any kind of strength I had in this thing. Then we bring over Greg, and I knew that wasn’t going to work for me either. Hello, big loser.

JEFF: Well, Tammy, you were the first person to be affected by the Red Rover? Did that throw your plan out the window.

TAMMY: (purses her lips and nods) To tell you the truth, I loved it. It was so early in the game, and it was a mess over at Tuktu. They were a disaster if you ask me. Way too many emotions flying around. It felt like I was a prisoner in a …a tank of estrogen or something. If I was with that group for three more days, it would not have been pretty.

JEFF: But do you think it hurt your chances of winning.

TAMMY: Aw, no. No way. If anything, it put me on a stronger team physically. We won more challenges, and wound up fine. The hardest part was when people kept leaving the group –Paschal, Jeff –that one was hard. No, Amarok was tough.

JEFF: But come merge time, you were outnumbered and outmanned. What do you do?

TAMMY: Not really. Helen and I got to know one another really well those first three days. I mean, we respected one another immediately, and I was confident that would carry through. I thought I was doing pretty well until this one (hits Greg, who’s sitting in front of her, on the head) screwed it all up.

GREG: Hey!

JEFF: Gina, one of the most heart-wrenching moments this season has got to be when you were chosen to go over to Amarok. We know it was tough on you, but how did it affect your game plan? (clip of Gina walking over to Amarok, looking dejected. Elisabeth looks distraught)

GINA: Oh, yes. That was a tough one. It hurt. But, you know, after we lost that challenge, I knew. I knew. I saw them eying me up and down like a piece of meat, and I knew it was me.

JEFF: And there’s nothing you can do about it.

GINA: Right, nothing. The hardest part though was I felt like I was letting my team down. Because you are just powerless. You’re just waiting. And you know, if this team loses, you’re going. I thought Amarok was going to lose just to get rid of me.

JEFF: Right. Which brings us to …Mr. Heidik again.

BRIAN: (leaning back and shifting) Yes.

JEFF: Brian, you’ve got to admit, you must have known you were gone once Tuktu snatched you up.

BRIAN: Yes. (He grins) Jeff, I didn’t like the Red Rover much either.

(Helen Glover laughs hard)

JEFF: Yeah, I expect you didn’t. Now, Helen, I’ve got to ask -just how bad did you want Brian out of the game?

HELEN: More than anything else in my entire life.

JEFF: (smiling) Really?

HELEN: Yes, sir. Followed by getting Clay out of there.

(Clay shifts in his chair and has a faint smile on his face as well)

HELEN: It could not happen fast enough if you ask me. I did not care what happened to me. First things first, I wanted both of those men out. At all costs.

JEFF: (suppressing laughter) At all costs?

HELEN: Yes, sir.

BRIAN: Thanks, H.

HELEN: You’re welcome.

JEFF: Brian, it must have killed you watching your fate in Helen’s hands. I mean, take a look at this…

(Clip of the end of the episode six immunity challenge –Helen is chewing food while Brian is on the sidelines yelling at her, “Come on, come on!” The studio audience applauds)

BRIAN: Yes, there it is. Good job, H. Congratulations, by the way.

HELEN: (quick and stern) Thank you.

JEFF: Clay, you’re awfully quiet over there. Anything to add to Helen’s plot to take you down?

CLAY: Nah. I can’t fault her fer that. She dun good is what she did. But, I wanna bring one thing up, first and foremost. Watching at home, I see some things were said about me agin. Mainly from Helen. That I’m a rasict –or I was ogling the women’s asses. Now, that is just ridiculous. Never did I say something slanderous aginst another person’s race, nor did I sit around steering and leering at the women. That’s just Helen runnin’ off agin at the mouth trying to slander my person. And I don’t appreciate that one bit. That’s not who I am.

TOM: He stared a little.

CLAY: Now you be quiet down there. Ya never shut up, but now it’s time.

JEFF: (laughing) All right, we already have to take a break. When we come back, more strategy gone wrong. We’ll talk about the biggest surprise of them all –when Elisabeth was voted off (Elisabeth frowns) and not to fear –more of the infamous Jerri. (Jerri sticks out her tongue and laughs). We’ll be right back.


(Studio audience applauds, clip of Elisabeth at tribal council, Jeff reveals her name, her mouth drops)

JEFF: All right, we’re back. Helen, just checking in on you. How are you doing?

HELEN: I’m still here.

PASCHAL: She asked me to pinch her during the break.

JEFF: I don’t blame her. Guys, you’ve got to admit, this game had probably more twists and turns and double crosses than we’ve ever seen before. And Elisabeth…


JEFF: You’ve got to admit, the biggest shocker was when you were voted off.

ELISABETH: (scrunching up her face) Just a little bit of a shocker.

JEFF: You had no idea?

ELISABETH: No, none.

JEFF: Because up until then, you looked unstoppable out there –you were riding high, most of the viewers thought you were going to take this thing, and then BAM! You’re out of the game. Were you as surprised as we were, and did you realize Greg was the one who orchestrated the whole thing?

ELISABETH: (chuckling) To tell you the truth, I still don’t know what happened out there. Um, when we got that tie vote, or when I got the votes, my head was spinning so fast, and you start fighting for your life because you realize this family you had wasn’t together. It was unfortunate. I realized we weren’t a team, and that we all were going to lose. I'm a fighter to begin with, but at that moment, I honestly felt like there was nothing left to fight for. And like I said, I felt that’s unfortunate.

JEFF: Basically, it changed the entire game right there and then.

ELISABETH: Yes it did. And I didn’t entirely comprehend everything until I could see it unfold on TV. It was pretty amazing. I give credit to Greg.

JEFF: Did you not realize you were such a threat to win this?

ELISABETH: I’ve said this before, but I played a very clean game out there, and I thought let the best person win. I never saw it that Gina and myself were the ones controlling the game. I just wanted to keep Tuktu together because, honestly I thought we were all deserving. And, yes, one of us did win. I can't complain too much, can I?

JEFF: Gina, you had some pretty harsh words at the time to say about Helen, right?

GINA: Well, Jeff. I was disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t win. I was disappointed that the game degenerated into something so …nasty. It didn’t have to. I do not want to take away anything from Helen right now. This is her moment. But I feel things turned sour when there wasn’t a need for it. It wasn’t fun.

HELEN: Gina, Elisabeth, like I said, I’m sorry you feel that way… I wanted a fair chance to win, and I feel-

GINA: (interrupting) I understand that Helen-

HELEN: -feel that I wouldn’t have been given that chance if I stayed with Tuktu. It was frustrating. It was my chance and I had to take it.

GINA: Right, you felt you had to control the game. I understand that, Helen. I do. Really, I don’t want to take away this moment from you. But, I’m just saying I feel you didn’t have to go about it in the way you did. Honestly, Helen, it hurt. A lot. And you made the game not fun anymore.

(Helen nods and bites the inside of her lip)

JERRI: (interjecting) Personally, after watching it and seeing what happened, I thought it was kind of funny. I laughed my ass off. Sorry, guys, but I was thinking, “Yeah, justice!”

JEFF: Because of how they got rid of you?

JERRI: Yeah! I mean, what a bunch of crap. I never had a chance in this game –ever. I think that was obvious. But, hey, I knew that. I knew that going in. It’s cool, it’s fine. What are you going to do? (laughing) It’s hard to escape my past, Jeff. It’s hard to escape my past.

ELISABETH: Jerri, it was just a game. It was nothing personal.

JERRI: It was a little personal. But don’t worry about it.

JEFF: Well, one of the most heated moments, and what spurred a lot of debate this season was when you (pointing to Jerri) tried to set you (pointing to Kelly W) up.

JERRI: Ohhhh, God.

JEFF: What was up with that? I mean, I’m there and I’m watching this, and I’m thinking to myself ‘Oh, boy, Jerri’s not going to go quietly –we’re in trouble here.’ And knowing Kelly, I thought we might be in for quite a ride. Kelly, how mad were you that Jerri tried to set you up for the fall?

KELLY W: (shrugs) It doesn’t bother me. I mean, if that’s the game Jerri wanted to play, then that’s fine. It’s not my style, and I thought it was pretty low. (Jerri cackles) But, I don’t care.

JERRI: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I am so sorry. But, you’re right -it is a game. And so many people can’t get beyond that. And Kelly completely understood that, which I think is pretty cool.

KELLY W: Like I said, I don’t care. I mean, I think Jerri ended up looking pretty stupid on television, and I might not be very close to her after all this. But, she’s right. It’s a game, and I don’t give a crap. Life’s too short.

SILAS: That’s right, Jeff. Life is too short. And I think you’ve got to just go out there and have fun. You know, it’s not life or death. You can go out there and second guess, third guess yourself, and still end up on the short end of the stick. But just enjoy it, Jeff.

JEFF: Well, Jerri did you enjoy yourself out there? Because it looked like it was getting to you several times.

JERRI: You know, I did. Really. (She runs her hand through her hair) I not going to say it wasn’t hard, because obviously I had all these strikes against me. But Alaska was just so gorgeous, and I would love to go back.

JEFF: You know you set a precedent when you went to tribal council early.

JERRI: (She cocks her head to the side) Awww, come on. Where else was I going to go? That was probably the hardest day for me, and again, Kelly, I apologize. But you know, it’s funny. I’m crying my heart out and I’m surrounded by these techies setting up the, um, council set, and you hear, “ohhh, she’s crying, make sure you get that on tape.” You know, it’s just wrong. (she laughs) But, yeah, I can laugh at myself, and that’s the important part. You know, I’m still living my dream, and no one can take that away.

PASCHAL: Jeff, let me tell you something about Jerri. She is a strong-willed girl, but she has a heart of gold. She was in a tough situation from the get-go, and she really gave it her all. She gets a bum rep, and unfairly in my opinion.

JERRI: Awww, thank you, Paschal.

PASCHAL: You know, you’re tops in my book, Jerri. Jeff, the relationships you develop in this game are unparalleled to anything you will encounter, at least in my lifetime. You develop such a bond out there that they really are your family. When I told my wife I was going to do this again, she just looked at me and said, what in the world are you doing? Why are you doing this again? You must be crazy. (Shot of Beverly in the audience smiling) And I told her, I had to. It’s too much of an experience to let pass you by a second time. And ultimately, it comes down to family. These people are essentially my family, and I wasn’t going to let them down. (huge applause) Maybe I am crazy, because I’ll tell you, I lost more weight this time around than the last time!

JEFF: I think Beverly has something to say.

BEVERLY: (standing up from the audience, wiping away a tear) I want to just say, Paschal, I am so proud of you. I don’t care if you won or not, none of that matters. You are the strongest man I’ve ever met. He’s my rock. (shot of Neleh in the back row, beaming)

PASCHAL: I love you, baby.

BEVERLY: I love you.

JEFF: That’s got to feel good.

PASCHAL: Yes, it does.

JEFF: Neleh, I see you up there smiling away.

NELEH: Yes, I am. I just love that man, too.

JEFF: Now, Neleh, you didn’t get much of a chance to participate in the game.

NELEH: (laughing) I know, like any.

JEFF: What is that like? You know, you did great the last time around, you almost won, you get asked to come back and do it again, (Neleh nods with each assessment) you get all psyched up, your mind’s sharp, you’re out of the gate, and then…

NELEH: Ker-plunk! I know. (she throws her arms up into the air) It stunk. To come so far and not even get to play, or practically not get to play at all. It makes you pretty steamed.

VARNER: So, say it.

NELEH: What?

VARNER: Say it.

NELEH: No, I’m not going to say it, but OH. MY. HECK! I was mad. (the audience applauds) You know, what are you going to do? Someone had to go first. But, man oh man, why did it have to be me?

(Shot of Tammy smirking)

VARNER: Hey, while we’re telling stories, I want to point out I hung out with Neleh for most of my time out there. And I met her, and you know, she’s real, real sweet, like apple pie and everything. And the first couple of days, we’re hanging out and getting to know one another, and it’s very polite. Well, about a week after getting to know her…

NELEH: (interrupting) No!!

VARNER: (steamrolling over Neleh’s protest) I had a bottle of bourbon, and Neleh, very ladylike, “Oh, gosh and golly, I’ve never had bourbon before.” So, I have Kelly and Jerri with me, and we proceed to introduce Neleh to the wonderful world of shots. (Kelly Goldsmith and Jerri begin to cover their mouths giggling) But what we don’t tell her is, we weren’t doing as many as her… we had something else.

KELLY G: Iced tea.

VARNER: Right, iced tea. You know, decoy shots. So, Neleh has something like eight shots of straight bourbon, and you would not believe the “oh, my hecking” that night.

NELEH: (completely red) That is not true. Be quiet! I drank the iced tea. You, Jeff Varner, are a liar!

VARNER: You know, I am a loser second time around, excuse me, an All-Star loser. But I had the time of my life out there. And Rudy, killed me every night. This is one hell of a great man. (Neleh and Kelly Goldsmith perch on either side of Rudy, resting their heads on his shoulders)

JEFF: Well, Rudy, you’ve been quiet so far. You’ve got to know, that starting off, you were the fan favorite. You were the one everyone wanted to see play this game again. Viewers were pulling for you before the show even started. Were you disappointed in being voted out so early?

RUDY: Nah. Let them viewers do it the next time. See how they do.

(Silas slaps his knee and howls)

JEFF: So, you wouldn’t do it again?

RUDY: Nah. I’m finished. Done.

JEFF: Fair enough, Rudy. Getting back to the game and strategy, is there anyone else who wants to talk about their plan or what went wrong out there. Wiglesworth?

KELLY W: (looking like she’s just been elbowed awake) Me?

JEFF: Yeah. I mean, we never saw a whole lot of Kelly out there. You flew under the radar. You did pretty well in challenges, you made it almost to the end. You had to have a plan, especially coming into this again.

KELLY W: Sure, I think everyone did. What was my plan, though? Exactly what you said. I mean, a whole lot of these people played the game more recently than I did, and they might have been in a, I don’t know, better mind frame or something. But for me, I felt, you know, let some of these strong personalities take one another out. We had a lot of strong personalities out there.

JEFF: I’ve got to ask though, Kel, why did you go off alone as much as you did? I mean, you saw what people were saying about you towards the end –calling you the loner, the lone wolf. You’ve got to know that’s bad for business.

KELLY W: (shrugs) No, I don’t think that mattered by then. I had taken time to be by myself from the beginning. Everyone knew that. And if they had a problem with it by the end, then that’s their problem, not mine. If you don’t take the time to be by yourself, you’re going to go mad out there, and it’s not worth it.

JEFF: Any regrets? Do you think if you did something differently, you could have won?

KELLY W: No regrets. Anyone could do something differently and everything could change. But they didn’t. Why waste time thinking about it? That’s stupid. I came into this thing with no expectations, and I left feeling good about myself.

JEFF: But if you had voted with Tammy and Helen, things might have turned out different, right?

KELLY W: Maybe. I could have voted with Neleh, or Jerri, or Elisabeth or anyone and things could be different. I voted for Greg at that time because he was the biggest competition then, that’s all. And if you look at it, there's really no way I could have won. Best is like runner-up or third, either way I went. I felt it wasn't worth it again. Maybe I did mentally checked out of the game. But by day thirty, I said let what's going to happen happen, I don't give a shit.

JEFF: (realizing he’s getting nowhere with Kelly) What about you Clay?

CLAY: (perking up) What wuz my plan? Ya know, lookin’ back, I don’t entirely know. Gotta say, Helen, I wuz anxious to git rid of Brian too. But that wasn’t my number one plan. I love this game. I’m a big fan. I really wanted to win it. First and foremost, gotta have someone you kin trust. That’s a fact. No one to trust, ya got nothin’. Check. I got Tommy. (Tom nods) Second, you need people who are gonna listen to ya and do yer dirty work fer ya. Check, check, check. We had Jeff and Brian canceling each other out. Let them do the dirty work. Then we had Silas. Let him think he’s in control and ride im to a finish.

(Silas grimaces, and exhales, rolling his eyes)

JEFF: Yeah, but that got you what? Tenth place?

CLAY: (holding his finger up) That’s cuz I din it have tha numbers come merge. Not my fault. It’s out yer hands then. They’d be fools not ta git rid of ya. One thing I’d do differently if I’d had ta do it agin –I’d a pull Helen over and git rid of her. She had too much inflince over there and that did me in in da ind.

JEFF: Yes, it did. Can we get back to Greg? Because I feel Greg is the one who really made this game topsy-turvy. And for some reason, I think you didn’t have to. Am I right? I’m looking at it, and you’re sitting pretty well to begin with. You’ve got Gina, Elisabeth, definitely Paschal on your side. And you go and essentially blow that all away? Why?

GREG: (Sometime during the show, Greg has unzipped his sweatshirt revealing a Survivor Sucks slogan –he slinks further into his seat, and smirks at Jeff) Because Jeff, I Am The Mole. (audience laughter)

JEFF: Well, you were something, I’ll give you that. (getting increasingly frustrated) When we return, we’ll look at the Alaskan conditions, the challenges, and a few surprises. You definitely do not want to miss it.


(Survivor returns. More applause from the audience. Clips of Elisabeth in her parka, face peeking out, shivering, Tom and Paschal on the chess board, Tammy in her boat swiping at the other contestants. The contestants regain their composure, Brian is noticeably absent)

JEFF: And we are back! Wow, we are running out of time like you wouldn’t believe, so I want to keep things moving. Guys, let’s talk about Alaska.


JEFF: Yes. Now when you think of Survivor, you think tropical, you think warm, humid. You certainly don’t think Alaska. You certainly don’t think snow. Anyone surprised about ending up in Alaska? (more than half the contestants hands pop up) Yeah, that’s what I thought. Did the conditions affect anyone? Alter the way they played the game?

PASCHAL: Me for sure. Never in a million years did I expect to wind up there. I was surprised, especially since it’s part of the United States. But, you know, it’s a part that not many people know about, me for one. I think it still retains a certain amount of mystery, and I think that is what really intrigued me and the rest of us out there. But, have to say it, after watching Hawaii, I’d thought it be a snap. I’ll go out on a limb and say it was a heck of a lot tougher than anything those guys had to face. (Almost all of the contestants nod).

JEFF: Really?

PASCHAL: No doubt. First, the weather conditions. Heat is hard, but you can deal with it. I’m southern anyway, so maybe I’m inclined to it. When you have cold, and I mean cold, you shut down. Your body and your mind.

GINA: I agree. The object’s not about trying to outwit, outplay these people, it’s about staying alive. Granted, it was summer, but it got cold at night.

TOM: Jeff, I didn’t mind the cold nights.

JEFF: Hey, Tom! You’ve been unusually quiet tonight.

TOM: Nobody’s asked me a question. (Tammy pats his back from the row behind him) Nah, I didn’t mind the cold one bit. Hell, I was surrounded by some fine lookin’ wimen. When it’s cold, you can’t complain too much when ya got Elisabeth on one side and Gina on the other. You welcome the cold in that case.

JEFF: Tom, there’s no doubt in my mind, you are a fan of the ladies. (Tom slyly nods) Have to go back and ask you, how’d you feel when you saw the tribes split by gender?

TOM: (grabbing his heart) Oh, it killed me, Jeff. It killed me. You start off and yer looking around and ya smile to yerself, and say, “that’s not too bad, Big Tom’s in good company.” Then you see yerself being put ta one side, and they give ya Rudy and Clay. That don’t even compare, even compare. It ain’t just., I’ll tell you. It ain’t just.

JEFF: (enjoying Tom) But did you have any problems with Alaska?

TOM: Nah. I ain’t ever been there before, and I reckon I’d never go, no reason ta go. So, enjoy it while you can’s I say.

JEFF: Greg, you definitely took to this environment, didn’t you?

GREG: (truly interested in this question) Oh, yeah. Definitely. I’ve been to Alaska before, but never to Denali.

JEFF: You were especially taken with McKinley.

GREG: She’s beautiful. Without a doubt. Actually, I stayed after the game just so I could do some exploring. I’m going back the first chance I get. I fell in love out there.

HELEN: You know, what I found tough? Not having fire.

GINA: Yes.

HELEN: Fire was actually restricted in the park we were in. That’s why we had the gas ovens. Those ovens were basically only good for cooking. That’s fine. Not complaining. But in terms of warmth, it is fairly hard to huddle ten people around a stove.

TOM: You know, it’s funny ta hear Helen complain about that, when she sent us all off inta ta woods to sleep for a couple nights. (Helen lowers her head in mock shame)

TAMMY: Ohhhh, man.

HELEN: Yes, yes. It was my fault. What kind of perverse reward was that? First of all, I was playing for a reward. A reward should not result in seven, eight people wanting to tear your head off.

JEFF: Did any of you realize just how good Helen had it? (clips of Helen drinking coffee, eating pastries in fresh, clean clothes)

ELISABETH: Noooo! My gosh, I couldn’t get over it when I saw it. I had no idea. None. Good job, Helen. She was so good at acting concerned for us-

HELEN: I was concerned!

ELISABETH: But, when she’s finishing her coffee and everything, and running to get into her old clothes, it was too funny. However, Helen, sleeping on those rocks…

GINA: With the wolves howling…

ELISABETH: With the wolves howling, they were the scariest nights of my life. And I’m a camper.

JEFF: But you made it. No problem. What about the challenges?

ELISABETH: Tough, tough, tough, tough –tough. (She pounds her fist) The one I hated so much was the teeth pulling one. Across the ice. I mean, that was cruel. It hurt. My teeth still hurt for like a week after that.

JEFF: Not the Devil’s Club?

ELISABETH: Don’t get me wrong. That was equally …sadistic. But I could handle that.

HELEN: Talk about sadistic. The Devil’s Club challenge towards the end.

TAMMY: The thorn patch?

HELEN: Yes! Totally uncalled for. I don’t think there’s ever been anything so horrible on this show. Not only was it frightening, it was the most exhausting, physically draining event you’ve ever had.

PASCHAL: Sheer hell.

HELEN: (grabbing Paschal’s hand) They didn’t show it, but the only reason they had footage of Greg and Tammy by the end is because we had trouble. Paschal practically dropped. You’re not worried about winning the immunity, you’re worried about this man, and if he’s going to keel over.

PASCHAL: It was the only time I remotely panicked.

JEFF: Yeah, but Paschal it’s hard to feel sympathy for you when you won practically every other challenge. Did anyone see that coming? (the audience erupts with more applause)

PASCHAL: I’ll give you that.

GINA: I’m so proud of Paschal, but in terms of the immunity threat (she points to Tammy) that woman right over there.

TAMMY: Please, I sucked. I didn’t win Jack.

GINA: In terms of pure terror. That rowing challenge, she was like a woman possessed. (Tammy lets her guard down and covers her face) She went after little Elisabeth like a bat out of hell. If you watch, you’ll see we were terrified –terrified- to go near her.

TAMMY: What? I needed to win.

JEFF: That’s funny, because Tammy I don’t think you realize just how scary you were. Look at this-

(clip is shown of the immunity challenge- Tammy rows violently towards Lis in her canoe swipping at her with her oar almost taking Elisabeth's head off.)

TAMMY: Jesus!

(clip- Elisabeth holds her oar above her head, in a defensive position, terrified.

JEFF: Hey, watch it. No rough stuff!

(clip- Kelly Wiglesworth’s canoe sinks while defending Elisabeth.)

JEFF: Kelly is out! Knocked over by Tammy.

(clip of Elisabeth trying to paddle away, only to be taken out by Tammy.)

JEFF: Elisabeth is out! Eliminated by Tammy.

(Tammy knocks out Helen’s canoe.)

JEFF: Helen is out!

(Tammy overpowers Gina and throws her into the water.)

JEFF: Gina is out, that's four for Tammy.

(Tammy raises her oar above her head, victorious. Studio audience is laughing hard and applauding)

GINA: Wow!

TAMMY: (sheepishly) I don’t know who that woman is. (she starts laughing hard) I said, I don’t know who that woman is.

JEFF: Little ticked off, Tammy?

TAMMY: Hmmmm, little bit. Good God. I’ll never live that one down. Geesh, it’s like I’m a spoiled brat out there. Thanks for sharing that, Jeff. And you know what the funny thing is? I still didn’t win. God, let’s move on. Next question.

JEFF: (composing himself) All right, all right. Let’s talk Hawaii. This is All-Stars. You’ve guys have all played before –fairly well. But this is the second time we’re doing this. Anyone disappointed about not being in the first one?

VARNER: Ooooooh, a loaded question.

ELISABETH: (hand pops up half-way) I was. Definitely. Really, I was jealous. It looked like so much fun watching Colleen and Kathy and …Tina kick butt. It was great. I thought I could do this, and I really, really wanted to be there.

TOM: Hell, I still don’t know why it took ‘em so long to ask me back. Who doesn’t think of ole’ Tommy when ya think of All-Star.

CLAY: I don’t

TOM: No one’s asking you, that’s fer sure.

NELEH: Actually, Pappy and I watched it continuously. We’d be on the phone together, saying this and that. And it’s funny, because it happened so quickly after the Marquesas, and we were so impressed watching Kathy and Vee again. And I was like, “We can do this, Paschal.” So we made a pact to stick together if you guys did another. Did we not? Now we weren’t allowed to say whether or not we were in to the other…

JEFF: But…

NELEH: (coyly) But we didn’t deny it either. (Shrugging) Like it did me any good, anyway.

JEFF: Which brings up a interesting point. Can you play this game again, and severe old ties you had with old alliance partners? Can you plan ahead? Greg, Colleen told us you fooled her big time. She said you told her you were going to be there and that she should play. So, she gets to Hawaii with a semi-plan, and you’re nowhere to be seen. Not even in the game, and you’re playing it.

JERRI: Ohhhhh!

GREG: (scratching his chin) I have no recollection of that.

JEFF: Typical. Rest of you, all have healthy egos, that’s a given –anyone disappointed about not going up against the head honcho, Richard Hatch? Rudy?

RUDY: I already did that once. I don’t need to see ‘im again. (Kelly Wiglesworth shakes her head)

KELLY G: I did. You know, I was a huge Survivor fanatic. Huge! I still am. I don’t know what it was, but seeing those guys take him down, I was seething. Salivating to do it. But what’s even weirder? I really kinda wanted to go head-to-head with Sue Hawk. It’s totally weird, right? I was really into her, and would have loved to go up against her. Maybe next time.

JEFF: I thought you said you were done with the game –I wash my hands of it?

KELLY G: Oh, right, right, right. (winks) We’ll see. Maybe a Survivor Ultimate Loser game. I’d win that in an instant.

VARNER: I’d do that one. Count me in.

KELLY G: We could do it together.

VARNER: Survivor: Losers –it could be in some rec room or something.

JEFF: While we’re dishing Hawaii, I think it’s safe to reveal now that one of you was actually slated to be there. One of you were supposed to go up against Rich and Sue and those guys. Did you know that?

(The contestants sit up and look around at one another curious, “No” and “Who” are repeated –Jeff Probst lets the moment linger)

JEFF: Care to fess up …Jerri?

(Jerri flashes a mischievous smile while most peoples' jaws drop)

JERRI: Thanks, Jeff for bringing that up.

VARNER: Are you serious?

JERRI: Yes, ahhhh, I was asked by Mark Burnett to be on the first All-Stars. Unfortunately, I was contracted by another network -won’t say which one- but I was contracted to do another television show.

ELISABETH: Oh, my gosh. That is amazing.

JERRI: Thank you so much for telling everyone now and not then. I’d probably last even less than I did. (She cackles) But, have got to say, you think I’m bad? I work in this business and I’m used to this, but good God, you would not believe some of the bruised egos out there –how fragile, or conceited these guys are –that they weren’t picked. Give me a break! You’d think they were Julia friggin’ Roberts or something.

JEFF: Wait, wait, wait, Jerri. Let’s go one further. Why don’t you tell everyone who wound up taking your place?

JERRI: That would be… (cocking her head to the side and sighs) Alicia Calaway.

(A rather large gasp sounds throughout the studio)

JERRI: That’s right.

JEFF: So, I’ve gotta ask –seeing how well she did in Hawaii, do you kick yourself for not doing it?

JERRI: No, come on! That’s ridiculous. And honestly, I couldn’t possibly be stranded with Tina Wesson one more time –one of us wouldn’t make it out alive. And, good for Alicia, she’s a great girl.

ELISABETH: That is so amazing. (Jerri shrugs her shoulders)

JEFF: I don’t know how to top that. So, let’s turn the questions over to the studio audience. I believe there’s a few people out there with some serious questions for our survivors, that they are just dying to have answered. (Scanning audience) Ahhhhhh, yes, the gentlemen in the blue, I believe you had something to ask.

(The man stands up to face huge applause and cheering. He is Richard Hatch.)

RICHARD: Yes, Jeff, I do have a question. (The cheering continues –“Rich, Rich” is chanted from the back of the studio –it is deafening) Good lord. All right. All right, Shut up! (the greeting continues) Gee, it’s nice to be back. They like me, they really like me. (Eventually, the crowd simmers down) Actually, my question was for Brian. But … (scanning for the absent Brian, Jeff Probst grimaces) ah, okay. Tammy …Tammy, then. What happened, baby? I was pulling for you all the way.

TAMMY: I know you were. I know you were. But what are you going to do?

RICHARD: I thought it was going to be you all the way. It should have been you. It would have been you if…

TAMMY: some idiot didn’t win immunity. (She flicks Greg again on the back of his head, he throws his arms up in a nonchalant manner.)

RICHARD: Bingo. You did play the game the best. You were thinking every step of the way, and you didn’t really make a mistake. They made the mistake. If I could, I’d give you that check.

TAMMY: I can’t argue with that.

RICHARD: (smirking) Rudy, what gives? I’m hurt, man. If given the chance again, we’d crush ‘em all.

RUDY: (exhaling, which could be the closest thing that resembles a laugh) You let me know. We’ll talk …maybe.

RICHARD: All right, guys. Good job, great game. Helen, congrats. See you after the show. (to the audience) And you people, holy moly. Get lives. (He sits down to more applause)

JEFF: Who was that guy? Whew, we really are running out of time. (returning to scanning the audience, next to Richard) Yes, young lady sitting next to Mr. Hatch –a question? (Colleen Haskell stumbles to her feet, while she is greeted by tremendous cheers)

COLLEEN: Ummmm, yeah. (She is already laughing at the crowd –but shifts gears slightly to a semi-journalistic mode) My question is for the young gentleman in the front row. (Greg rolls his eyes at the absurdity of what is about to follow) I’m just curious, inquiring minds want to know- (she furrows her brow) What did exactly happen between you and Colleen out on the island? (She tries to hold back her giggles as the crowd clap with enthusiasm over the question)

GREG: Well, um, young lady, on that question, I will have to plead the fifth.

COLLEEN: (scratches head and nods) Hmmmm, fair enough, fair enough.

PASCHAL: (interjecting) Jeff, that’s my fan club right there! (pointing to Colleen while she blushes) That’s my fan club. Colleen, God bless you. I’ve been watching you, I’ve seen you out there. You stuck by me in you predictions. Thanks, kiddo.

COLLEEN: (laughs) Come on, you did great. (looks around) Oh, God. Guys, have fun and everything. This is …this is too much. (she gives a quick wave, and sits down and whispers in Richard’s ear –the audience applauds)

TOM: Lord, have mercy. I don’t git it. Paschal, you’ve got more womin after you then the King of Siam. You needs to tell Big Tom yer secret.

PASCHAL: Patience and understanding.

TOM: That’s fine. You kin tell me later. (Paschal throws his head back and laughs)

JEFF: Boy, this is really productive, huh? Let’s ah, let’s take another question. The lovely lady sitting next to Colleen –question?

(Eagerly, Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien stands. She swings her arms back and forth, and claps while the audience goes wild –surprisingly, some give her a standing ovation)

KATHY: Ooooh, ah, yeah! (Her voice is slightly scratchy) Hey, guys. How’s everybody doing tonight? (More people stand up, some of the contestants give Kathy mock-bows) Yikes! You guys are crazy. (She scans the crowd, who haven’t budged in their appreciation) Craaaaaazy!

JEFF: Yeah, Kathy, just take a second. We’ve got all the time in the world here. Guys, cool it. (the cheers quiet down)

KATHY: Hey, boy, that’s not too bad. Guys, wow, unbelievable game! You guys were all playing out there. All righty. Helen, felt good about you. Thought you were going to take it, and you kicked some butt out there for the chicks. (Helen looks a little confused listening to this overbearing woman, but nods and smiles) Pappy!!!! Four immunities. Four!!! Are you kidding me? And you didn’t pass out!

JEFF: Kath, do you have a question?

KATHY: You know, I do. I do have something. Thiis isn’t a question about strategy or anything. But, Gina -oooh, man, Gina.

GINA: (smiling) Yes?

KATHY: Knowing you, and watching the show. How bad was it to see Paschal win that log cabin? Because, man, I felt for you.

GINA: (frowning) I felt for me too. No, it’s fine. I mean, how great was that reward? If it couldn’t be me, then I’m happy Pappy got it. What can you say about that?

PASCHAL: Gina, you borrow that anytime you want, baby.

GINA: Oooh, Paschal. You can just give it to me.

KATHY: That’s what I thought. Greg, man. Holy cow. You’ve got issues, kid. (Greg smiles. He’s never met Kathy before, but he genuinely likes her)

GREG: I’m seeking help. Um, looks like you might have some issues yourself, lady. (Kathy laughs heartily)

KATHY: I’m looking into it. Again, great job, all of you. Have fun tonight. We’ll see you later. (She sits down and laughs with Colleen while the crowd goes wild again)

JEFF: How do I follow that? Sit tight, we’ll be right back with Helen’s final thoughts, and it wouldn’t be complete without looking forward to the future of Survivor.

(Camera pans out while the cast talk amongst themselves. In the audience, Rich, Colleen and Kathy are sharing a private joke, while Colleen points to the monitor, indicating they’re being broadcast)


JEFF: Welcome back, we are almost out of time. So, will have to start wrapping things up. Last thoughts –anyone willing to do this for a third time?

(Almost everyone’s hand rises –mostly the younger players save Greg)

JEFF: Not you, Greg?

GREG: Perhaps...

JEFF: Now I know from your interviews that you aren't even that big a fan of the show to start with. Is it true that you knew who none of these people were when you left for Alaska? You had never heard of Paschal or Helen or Brian?.

GREG: (giving a straight answer) That's absolutely true. I have never seen an episode of Survivor. (Some member of the panel gasp. They thought Greg was some sort of Survivor expert.)

JEFF: So then why come back for Alaska?

(Greg only shrugs - Jeff is left frustrated and forced to move along).

JEFF: But the rest of you, most of you WOULD come back again? See, that’s what I cannot get over. As much as this is a draining experience both physically and mentally, every time it’s over, almost everyone wants to do it again. Tom, if you could, you’d do it again?

TOM: In a heartbeat. I reckon I lost about forty pounds out there this time, I smelled worse than a buffalo hide…

HELEN: I can attest to that. Tommy stunk to high heaven out there. Tommy, love you –but it’s true. I was opting to leave the game just to avoid the stench alone.

JEFF: (rushing things along) Forty pounds?

TOM: (nods) Well, I’ll tell you –I hate oats. I dislike it fer breakfast, and I defly dislike it for lunch and supper. Not ta mention snacks. Hell, I’d rather eat the grass or dirt than them oats. It wasn’t really a option for me. The crash-course diet.

PASCHAL: And he looks pretty good too.

JEFF: (starting to hurry) Elisabeth, during the break, you said you had a surprise of your own to share.

ELISABETH: I sure do. (reaches under her chair) Now I know during the show, people were so supportive of me coming back, but I heard a few comments from people –including Rodger –that I had forgotten something. (She pulls out the old immunity headdress –the audience cheers) Is America happy to see this thing again?

GINA: You should have brought it.

ELISABETH: I know. I should have brought it. It might have brought me luck. (Smells it) Then again, I don’t know. (She makes a frown –Gina lifts up its limp strands and inspects it)

TAMMY: No, maybe you should have burned it.


JEFF: Oh, another thing. Elisabeth, Gina –there’s no doubt, you two were the resident hot chicks this season. After seeing all the attention Colleen received in Hawaii for the famous black bikini (shot of Colleen in audience rolling her eyes), what was up with those sweatpants?

GINA: (a little annoyed) What do you mean? It was cold out there, Jeff! I don’t think I was ever concerned about how I looked. I was more concerned about staying warm.

ELISABETH: And hey! That water was cold. Summer or not –it was colder than you think.

SILAS: (looking for any moment to jump in) Jeff, I was disappointed too with the choice of attire that the ladies chose. (He grins) But getting back to the question about playing the game again –who wouldn’t? I think we all would. I had a blast. I’d do it again in a flash –we all would. When you have sixteen personalities that are as distinct as us, Jeff, you never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be explosive and you know it’s going to be good. And that's, you know, that’s the beauty of the game. Anything can happen –you never know how it’s going to turn out.

JEFF: Huh. So what’s in your future, Mr. Gaither? (Probst looks like he instantly regrets asking a question that will prolong the program)

SILAS: Continue doing what I’m doing, Jeff. Enjoy life. Keep plugging away, studying the craft, and just see what happens. Life’s an adventure, and you’ve got to just give over to it. Because in the end, that’s all that matters.

JEFF: Good words to end on. All right, we couldn’t leave you without giving just a hint of what is to come –all I can say is –think Classics. Take a look at what we already have in store for you guys at home-

Clip plays - the promo for All-Star Survivor: Greece.

PROBST VOICEOVER: Anicent Greece. (A picture of the Oracle at Delphi). A land that was ruled by gods and goddesses. (A picture of a statue of Poseidon, holding a pitchfork) Where the people depended on the sea to live. (A shot of the Aegean Sea, rough and crashing during a storm) Where great heroes were born. (A shot of a painting of Achilles, shooting a heavy bow) And where great heroes fell. (A shot of a dying Greek solider in the Trojan War) Great battles were fought here (A shot of a battlefield, with dying soldiers) And ingenuity ruled the day (A picture of the famed Trojan Horse).

But above all, one sentiment ruled the day.... (A shot of a city in flames) Tribal warfare.

(The logo for All-Star Survivor: Greece quickly flashes across the screen. It is blue and white, featuring water and a sinister looking sword.)

PROBST VOICEOVER: Sixteen past players will be taking to the seas again, for the most memorable Survivor season yet. But these are not all-stars. These are the early boots. These are the players who never got a chance to play the game. Whether they fell ill, or made enemies, or just plan got screwed, this is a game of second chances. This is their second chance to play the game, albeit in the most brutal and difficult setting the game has seen. They will be tested in ways they have not begun to imagine, all the while facing the challenge of living in the dangerous Aegean Sea. Who will make new legacies for themselves? Who will emerge with a newfound respect for the game? Who will fall into the same old traps and mistakes as before? Who will outwit, outplay and outlast the others? And most importantly, who will be left standing when the dust clears? (We get a shot of Zeus, sitting high in a throne, looking all-powerful).

(The logo flashes again, this time lingering on the screen)

PROBST VOICEOVER: All-Star Survivor: Greece. Coming in May.

(the audience again goes wild with applause)

JEFF: Not bad, right? That will be coming your way this summer, and you definitely do not want to miss it.

GREG: Nice.

JEFF: Well, we are practically out of time. Again, I want to congratulate our sixteen All-Stars. They’ve given it their all, have proven to be extremely courageous, and in the end, they are all Survivors. Helen, you started off the hour, it’s only fitting that you get the final word.

HELEN: Don’t know what else I can add to what we’ve already said, but I want to thank each and everyone of these people up here with me. No one will ever understand what this experience is unless they’ve gone through it themselves. And I am lucky to have fifteen other people to …ah, have that bond with. I am blessed. (the players clap –Helen is tearing up again) Also, my wonderful, wonderful husband. I love you so much. There’s so much to be thankful in life, and anything else is just a blessing. I am blessed. Thank you, everyone.

JEFF: Nicely put. Helen, once again, congratulations. Congratulations to our terrific players. To the people at home, don’t forget to tune in to a special edition of the Early Show where more answers will be revealed, and most importantly, Helen will receive her check for one million dollars. (Helen smiles) Thank you for watching, and finally–good night.

(Survivor music comes on. They players and audience continue to cheer. Greg is already up from his seat undoing his microphone pack, Helen stands and shakes hands with members of the audience, followed by the other contestants.)

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