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#102. The first winner to drop an F-bomb
Vanuatu - Finale

I love Chris Daugherty. Not in a homosexual way (that's for sure), but in the sense that I think the guy should have his own sitcom. He's absolutely my favorite player of all time, I thought he was entertaining as hell, and I loved the way that he won Survivor: Vanuatu. I thought Chris was entertaining from the very first minute of the season (sometimes even unintentionally) and the fact that he's on this list as much as just about anybody shouldn't surprise you. In fact, I could make a very good case that Chris Daugherty might be the single most entertaining player in Survivor history.

There's a reason I always refer to him as "The winner in the wifebeater", you know.

Chris in his famous red wifebeater t-shirt

Side view of the red wifebeater

But the Chris moment at #102 is something I don't think a lot of people noticed when it happened on TV. It was the very last moment of Survivor: Vanuatu, it happened right after Jeff revealed the final vote, and in my mind it cemented Chris's status as one of the most memorable Survivor characters of all time. Wanna know why?

Because Chris screamed the F word and had to be bleeped on live TV.


That's right, Chris Daugherty's first reaction upon winning Survivor was to drop some variant of the F-bomb. What I think he probably said was "Fuck yeah!" but since the entire scene was bleeped (and the closed-captioning didn't help), I really have no idea for sure. But from his lips you can tell it obviously started with an F.

The reason this moment was so funny to me was because it perfectly fit Chris' character on Survivor: Vanuatu. It was a little trashy, it was a little sleazy, and it was perfectly appropriate for a guy who would have worn a red wifebeater for 39 days while being in bullshit up to his ears almost every single minute. So I enjoyed this moment because, well, that's just the way Chris's story on Survivor was supposed to have ended. It ended with a ponytail, a finger point, and an F-bomb. Just the way that God had always intended.

Chris points to his family as he careens wildly off the stage

The second reason I loved the ending of the Chris Daugherty story was because it was totally out of line with the reaction of every other Survivor winner. Chris's reaction was just completely, 100%, over the top. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the chart below, which details the reactions of every Survivor winner through Guatemala. And tell me which one sort of stands out from the rest of the pack...

Survivor 1: Richard opens his mouth in shock and clutches his head in astonishment.
Survivor 2: Tina clutches her head in shock and looks at the ground.
Survivor 3: Ethan stands up and pumps his fist in exhilaration.
Survivor 4: Vecepia falls backwards to the floor in shock and astonishment.
Survivor 5: Brian coolly pumps his fist and almost smiles.
Survivor 6: Jenna is fairly calm and just smiles.
Survivor 7: Sandra starts crying and stands up to hug Lill.
Survivor 8: Amber bows her head in happiness, then stands up to give Rob a kiss.
Survivor 10: Tom hugs Katie then raises his hand to give thanks to Jeff.
Survivor 11: Danni looks up and silently mouths "Thank you, Jesus."

So tell me, which one of those reactions doesn't really fit with the rest of the list? Do you think it could have been the guy who cursed on live TV? The guy who happened to wear a red wifebeater all throughout the season? The guy who lied to his fiancee even after the game was over by telling her he had been voted out at the final six... just because "I wanted to surprise her"?

So anyway, Chris's... exuberant... reaction to winning Vanuatu has always made me laugh. It was also the perfect bookend to what I consider one of the most entertaining storylines ever to be seen on Survivor. It's too bad Chris never told us exactly what he screamed when he sat down to record the commentary for the Vanuatu DVD. I was hoping this mystery would have been cleared up on the DVD commentary, but sadly Chris never even mentioned it. So all we can do at this point is guess. What did Chris say at the live vote reveal that was so bad it actually had to be bleeped?

All I know is that it happened to start with an F.

Chris Daugherty, Potty Mouth

P.S. Another great part of the "Chris wins Survivor" scene is this guy. I have no idea who this person is, but he appears to be either Chris's brother or cousin. And he's totally mugging for the camera throughout the entire victory celebration. Check it out. This guy kills me. He's really not even congratulating Chris. All he's doing is just mugging for the camera instead. In fact, at one point, he even appears to be dry-humping Chris just to get a laugh. He's awesome!

Get that guy a wifebeater shirt!

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