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#104. Deena gets tagged in the head
Amazon - Episode 6

Lots of people remember this moment, even though it was only a quick insert shot that lasted less than a second. But everyone seems to remember it, mainly because it involved Riverside District Attorney Deena Bennett being smacked in the head by a slab of meat. It was short, it was funny, and here are all the gory details:

It was episode six in the Amazon, and Tambaqui and Jaburu were competing in one of the most unique challenges in Survivor history. With their hands tied behind their backs, they were supposed to rip slabs of meat off a giant bone and drop the slabs onto a scale. The tribe that compiled the most raw meat in their basket by the end of the challenge won immunity. It was actually quite simple. The entire challenge was a tribute to the eating habits of the most famous carnivore in the Amazon, the piranha, and it also happened to be flat out disgusting. Oh sure, It was a memorable challenge to watch on TV... but it also made you sort of sick watching it at the same time.

Rob and Matt ripping meat off of the bone with their teeth

Anyway, Tambaqui won the challenge and they were celebrating the fact that they didn't have to go to Tribal Council. And as the other tribe (Jaburu) was wallowing in their defeat, Deena Bennett wasn't paying attention. And everybody got a good laugh when the giant meat bone came swinging by and cracked her on the side of the head. Ka-POW! Here is a frame by frame capture of the incident:

(Note: From the way Deena's head went forward and to the left, we have proof that the meat bone acted alone.)

Like I said, this was just a quick insert shot that was kind of silly, but it never fails to make me laugh. I mean, after all, it really is the oldest principle in the world of comedy. You just can't go wrong with people being whacked in the head by a giant slab of meat.

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