The 115 Funniest Things to Ever Happen on Survivor

#85. Alicia Breaks Character
Australia - Episode 4

This one is great. It is one of my all-time favorite Australia moments, and I am particularly proud to add it to this countdown because I don't think very many viewers even remember it. And I'll admit right up front that it's more "cute" than "laugh out loud funny." You might not even think it is funny at all. But I do, and I'm glad they recently released Australia on DVD. Because that means I finally get to show you a frame by frame screen capture. I think you will enjoy it.

One of the toughest female characters we've ever seen on Survivor was Alicia Calaway from Australia. She was a bodybuilder from New York City, she was tough as nails, and she also happened to be absolutely ripped. She had muscles that could rival any of the men, and for that reason I think the other players were a little frightened by her. Oh, she may have been small in stature, but Alicia carried herself like a pit bull. She looked mean, she had a quick temper, she didn't take shit from anybody and... worst of all... she had this scowl on her face just about every single minute of the game. Alicia Calaway just wasn't a person who smiled very often. She was a very intimidating person to be around.

The standard Alicia glare. She's very angry here.

Alicia's happy face.

Alicia's giggly face.

Alicia having a long pleasureful orgasm.

All throughout Australia I thought that Alicia was simply playing a character. There was no way anybody could be that pissed off and tough all the time. She had to be playing a role for the cameras, I just knew it. In fact I always sort of compared her to Mr. T. Because if you've ever seen Mr. T off camera, you have seen he is the nicest guy around. In real life he is sort of a goofball. But once the cameras roll, he turns on the "Mr. T" character and out comes the sneer. That's when he finally gets into character. So all throughout Australia, I figured that Alicia must be doing this too. I knew she was playing a character, but the only problem was that you could never actually catch her. She was too good and she never slipped up. So I'd be sitting there watching Australia, and I'd be telling myself "I know you're going to break character sometime, Alicia. You can't keep this up for 39 days. You may be good... but you're not that good. So when are you going to crack?"

Well, it finally happened in episode four. Alicia finally broke character. And it happened so subtly that I don't think people noticed. Just watch the vidcaps below. Watch as the real Alicia finally peeks out from behind the mask. It's actually sort of cute.

It's day eleven, and Kucha is enjoying a feast. You see, they have just won a reward challenge, they received three egg-laying chickens, and the first chicken was immediately put to good use. The tribe killed it, they cooked it, and now they are enjoying the meat. Well, everyone but Kimmi anyway. Kimmi doesn't eat meat, so she took off. But the rest of the Kuchas are enjoying their first bites of protein in more than a week.

The Kucha tribe feasting on chicken

Alicia is sitting in the back of the shelter, looking pissed off. She doesn't appear to be joking around like everyone else. She's just sitting there, arms crossed, scowling, sneering, doing Alicia things. It's the same stuff she always does. She's totally into character right now.

Alicia in the angry zone

But that's when it happens. That's when her teammate Nick cracks a joke.

Referring to his piece of chicken (as well as his own skin color), Nick jokes that "Once you go dark meat, you don't ever go back."

Nick chuckles at his own joke for a second, but there's no reaction from anybody else. Especially from behind him. As the other minority member of the tribe, Alicia doesn't appear to have even heard.

But then, her eyes quickly dart over towards him...

And she smiles.

And then she finally cracks.

In the world of comedy, that is what we call "a joke grenade." It just took a few seconds for the punchline to kick in. And look at the grin on Nick's face. He can't believe he actually got Alicia to break a smile. See, we knew it was all a big act!

This is one of my favorite moments from Australia. It might not be as laugh-out-loud funny as some of the others on this list, but it never fails to make me smile. Mainly because it's so darn cute. After all, who would have thought we would actually see Alicia bust up laughing? She was normally so good about keeping her poker face. In fact this moment may have been the only time she actually broke character during Australia. And I'm glad I finally have the screen captures now to prove it. Thank you, Australia DVD.

P.S. I'll pay $10 to anybody who predicted that Nick Brown would actually show up on this list.

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