All-Star Survivor: Greece

A fan fiction serial novel, by Mario Lanza

16 former Survivor players, stranded in the unpredictable Aegean Sea. They will be forced to live together, to form a new society, and to play the ultimate survival game. They also have a chance to forge a new legacy for themselves, a second chance. But after 39 days, only one of them will walk away with one million dollars, and the title of the ultimate Survivor.

This is their adventure.

This is their story.

Episode #1: Second Chances

Episode #2: Reduced to Rubble

Episode #3: Pushed Too Far

Episode #4: Not That Innocent

Episode #5: Backbreaking

Episode #6: Awesome Savior

Episode #7: Goodbye, Little Children

Episode #8: Red, White and Blue

Episode #9: Four Tiny Daggers

Episode #10: Left for Dead

Episode #11: Smackdown

Episode #12: Four Islands

Episode #13 (finale): Challenging the Gods

Special Addition: The All-Star Greece Reunion Show

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