Survivor: The Funny 115

The Third One

by Mario Lanza

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115. The Immunity Chicken

114. Colton Hates Handouts

113. Sometimes a Snake is just a Snake

112. The Passing of the Trumpet

111. The New Adventures of Pissed-Off Christine

110. Cochran's Parents

109. Dan the Sloth

108. Don't worry, Tyson is still a dick

107. Coachtus Interruptus

106. Missy Messes With the Wrong Kid

105. Mike Skupin is Sitting on my Head

104. Rodneyisms

103. Trish gets grossed out

102. Abi and R.C. - BFFs!

101. Phillip! Shouting gibberish!

100. Na Onka v. Leg

99. No, I'm That Other Pitcher

98. The Problem With Government Jobs

97. The Worst Motto Ever

96. And the Rivalry Continues

95. Inappropriate Cochran

94. The Molecular Substrate

93. Dan Makes A First Impression

92. Steve Says the N-Word(s)

91. Shirin and the Art of Seduction

90. Tony! Toni! Toné!

89. Vanilla Julia

88. The Bromance is Real

87. Ozzy goes for an Academy Award

86. Former Federal Agent?

85. Why Doesn't Jenn Care?

84. Thank You Brad Culpepper

83. Fun Times with Oral Herpes

82. Of Superfans and Math

81. Katie's Poor Head

80. The Filipino Jesus

79. Steve's Log Rolling League

78. There's Something About Marty

77. The Dodgeball Target

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